Documents Tutorial

The GLOBE Community Support Team has recorded a demonstration video on how to upload and hyperlink documents. Visit:

You can also follow along with the steps presented below. 

-- log in to the website
-- click on your name (upper right-hand corner)
-- click on "My Page"


-- click on "Edit Controls" where the icon has no slash through the eye
-- click on "Edit"
To add document(s):
-- highlight the text where you want to insert your document hyperlink
-- click on the link icon
-- click on "Browse Server"
-- click on the folder with your name in it
-- click on "Create New Folder"
-- name the new folder
-- click "Ok"
-- select the new folder
-- click on "Browse..."
-- select the document
-- click on "Upload"
-- click on the uploaded document
-- click "Ok"
To make your document hyperlink live on the website
-- click "Publish"