Blog Tutorial

The GLOBE Community Support Team has recorded a demonstration video on how to create a blog post. Visit:

You can also follow along with the steps presented below. 

-- log in to the website
-- click on your name (upper right-hand corner)
-- click on "My Page"



-- click on "Blog"
-- click on "Add Blog Entry"


-- type in your blog title (under "Title (Required)"
-- type in your blog text (in the "Content" area)


To add image(s) to your blog:
-- click in the text area where you want to insert your image
-- click on the image icon (the first icon shown that has a blue-and-white image with a green circle)
-- click on the folder with your name in it
-- click on "Create New Folder"
-- name the new folder
-- click "Ok"
-- select the new folder
-- click on "Browse..."
-- select the image that you want to include in your blog post
-- click on "Upload"
-- click on the uploaded image
-- under "Alignment," click one of the options
-- click "Captioned Image"
-- click "Ok"


-- double click on your image to edit its properties
-- under "Alternative Text," type in a brief description of your image
NOTE: Setting a size for the image width will allow you to adjust the size of your image. (You may need to adjust this number a few times, depending on how the image appears.)
To edit the caption text:
-- click in the caption area and make any necessary edits


To post your blog live on the website:
-- click "Publish"