Alum Profiles


Lautaro Porma Favre
GLOBE Student of Argentina
Student of CEI San Ignacio, Argentina

Ylliass Lawani
GLOBE Alumni Benin
Ylliass established the GLOBE Alum Program at the U.of Benin with the purpose of organizing environmental activities and acting as mentors to younger GLOBE students.

Josef Brůna
GLOBE Alumni Czech Republic
Josef Brůna’s association with the GLOBE Program began back in 1996 while a high school student at the II.ZŠ Barrandov, Chaplinovo nám school in the Czech Republic.

Madhuranga Rathnayake
GLOBE Alumni Sri Lanka
Madhuranga Rathnayake began his journey with GLOBE in 2004 while a high school student at the Maliyadeva College, in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

Paula Štancl
GLOBE Alumni Croatia
Paula first decided to join the GLOBE Program while a freshman student at the XV Gimnazija in Croatia.

Anda Hmeļņicka
GLOBE Alumni Latvia
Anda Hmeļņicka started participating in the GLOBE Program while a student at the Andrejs Upits Skriveri Secondary School.

Tomáš Groh
GLOBE Alumni Czech Republic
Tomáš Groh first became involved with the GLOBE Program while attending the Gymnázium Jateční, Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic. Those three years laid the foundation for Tomáš’ continued involvement with the program – he is currently a member of the Czech Republic’s GLOBE Alumni.

Waheeda Hussain
GLOBE Alumni Bahrain
Nineteen-year-old Wajeeha Hussain, GLOBE Alumni Coordinator for the Near East-North Africa Region, has been involved in the GLOBE program since 2004. At a young age she became interested in environmental issues and saw GLOBE as way to work on behalf of the environment.

Tamsu Marcelin
GLOBE Alumni Cameroon
Tamsu Fogue Marcelin hails from the town of Bafoussam in the western, French-speaking region of Cameroon. Ten years ago, at the age of seventeen, he began collecting

Matt Fenzel
GLOBE Alumni Representative for North America
Matt Fenzel is the North America Alumni Representative. Matt, now 27, was first introduced to GLOBE in elementary School in Louisville, Kentucky.