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Get Trained

GLOBE offers trainings around the world. In order to provide high-quality data to the scientific community, teachers are trained in GLOBE data-collection procedures. GLOBE protocols are written and reviewed by scientists. 

In-Person Workshops
Connect your students to an international network of students, teachers, and scientists to learn more about our shared environment. For a school to fully participate in The GLOBE Program, at least one teacher must be trained in GLOBE science measurement protocols and education activities by attending a GLOBE Teacher Workshop. 

Protocol eTraining
GLOBE offers supplemental online modules to support teacher training. These modules can be used as a review for current GLOBE teachers or as additional training during GLOBE workshops. Additionally, a scientist module introduces potential GLOBE scientists.

Using the GLOBE Website
GLOBE web tutorials help users understand and navigate the GLOBE website. Tutorials include information on website navigation, data entry, visualization, and quick tips for website usage.