GLOBE Campaign and Event FAQs


1) What is a GLOBE campaign? A GLOBE campaign is a long-term, field measurement campaign that last for multiple calendar years and utilizes one or more of the GLOBE protocols to engage the community in furthering field research and promote data entry for the GLOBE database. GLOBE campaigns are either global or regional.

To propose a global campaign, you will need to contact the GLOBE campaign liaison (Sarah Parsons, and submit a campaign proposal form during a time when there is space for a new global campaign to run. GLOBE runs 2-3 global campaigns per year. To find out what global campaigns are currently running, please visit this page.

To propose a regional campaign or GLOBE event, please submit the campaign proposal form and contact the current GLOBE campaign liaison (Sarah Parsons:


2) How many global campaigns does GLOBE run in a year? The GLOBE Implementation Office runs 2-3 global campaigns per calendar year.


3) How many regional campaigns does GLOBE run in a year? Regional campaigns are managed by GLOBE regional and country coordinators and more than 2-3 can happen in a calendar year. The GIO does not closely manage the regional campaigns. However, pitches for these campaigns need to be submitted to the GIO campaign liaison for data and information tracking. To run a regional campaign or event, please contact your regional or country coordinator.


4) What does my campaign proposal need to include? To submit a campaign proposal, you need to include:

-Your campaign title

-Which GLOBE protocols you will be addressing

-A brief summary of your campaign

-Your exact campaign dates (including the year)

-Main contact and team contact info (name and email addresses)

-Be willing to develop a communication plan with GIO

-Explain what type of measurements will be done during this campaign

-Know what requirements from the GIO, website, and technology you will need to run this campaign.


Please consult the Campaign Proposal Form to plan and prepare for your proposal. Please only submit the proposal form when you have all of the requested information ready.


5) What types of campaigns does GLOBE run? GLOBE hosts a) global and b) regional campaigns, as well as IOPs (intensive observation periods) and a variety of events and projects. One of the main differences between campaigns and events is that GLOBE global campaigns run for a number of years and require monitoring by the GIO, whereas regional campaigns, events, and projects are typically shorter, are not closely monitored by the GIO, and span anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. All GLOBE campaigns and events focus around a specific GLOBE protocol. Global campaigns are approved and tracked by the GIO and engage the worldwide GLOBE community. Regional campaigns are managed by a GLOBE regional or country coordinator and engage a specific region or country. Events and projects are managed and tracked by whoever is running them. 


6) How do I submit a campaign proposal? To submit a global campaign proposal, please visit this page and fill out the Campaign Proposal Form.


7) What types of social media do GLOBE campaigns use? We currently use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote GLOBE campaigns. To find out more information about GLOBE Social Media practices, please contact Autumn Burdick, our Social Media and Communications Director at:


8) What if I want to submit a project, webinar, or event idea that is apart of a current global campaign? To submit a webinar, event, or project idea that would take part under an already existing global campaign, please email Sarah Parsons at


9) What if I want to propose an event or project that's separate from a campaign? To submit an event or project idea, please fill out the Event Proposal Form and email Sarah Parsons at Please note that events and projects proposed last minute, or within only a few days to weeks from the start date, may not be considered and may not be advertised on our social media platforms.