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GLOBE Measurement Campaigns

GLOBE field campaigns are regional and worldwide projects that provide students with hands-on opportunities to explore and learn about Earth through a network of students, teachers and scientists. GLOBE field campaigns are grounded in real science embedded in an inquiry-based, collaborative approach.

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Global Field Measurement Campaigns

Active field campaigns allow students to get involved with our network of students, teachers, and scientists. Explore the links below to see our active global field campaigns.

Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign                              Mission Mosquito
Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature



Collaborating Satellite Missions

Here is how to participate in GLOBE Campaigns related to NASA Earth Observing Satellite missions. 



Girl in NASA hat experimenting with flowers.

NASA Education Earth Science Projects

NASA has funded four GLOBE U.S. Partners to lead NASA Education Earth Science Projects through STEM agreements: 

Mission Earth
AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network (AREN)
Arctic and Earth SIGNs
NASA Earth Science Education Collaborative (NESEC)


looking at clouds

Regional Community Collaboration Initiatives

Along with worldwide research campaigns, the GLOBE community hosts regional initiatives. Using GLOBE protocols, schools in defined regions participate in active research campaigns. 

Water Bodies IOP and Collaboration
European Phenology Campaign

Air Quality Campaign


looking at clouds

Past Projects

View our past campaigns

Field Measurement Campaign Archives
Earth System Science Project (ESSP) Archives
GLOBE Mount Kilimanjaro Xpedition
Oceans for Life